Celebration Messages

Here's your chance to deliver a message to someone you care about.  Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion or just to let them know you think they're awesome, SCTV can help!

The message will appear on our bulletin board on Channels 12 & 18 for two full days, plus Facebook, all for a cost of $30 ($25 for SCTV members).

Below are a few sample messages.

Scroll down to the Agreement and Payment forms where you can submit your own photo and message in one of these layouts.

Message Style #1

Message Style #2

Message Style #3

Message Style #4

Link to Agreement Text

Read this first, then click on the Agreement Form to submit your message and finally to the Pay Now page.

Agreement Form to submit your own message and photo

After you submit your message and photo here, you must navigate to the Pay Now page (below).