Educational Access

Educational Access


Parents, teachers, and students have a new opportunity to use the local educational access channel.  The Salisbury Community TV & Media Center will provide training and equipment, but the ideas, energy, and production work come from volunteer residents.


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There is a special opportunity for parents and students in the Salisbury Elementary School.  We encourage parents to start videotaping their children’s plays and concerts at school, their athletic games, class trips, and special events.  Bring them to us, and we will run them on the cable.  Use your own camcorder or get trained to use ours (when we buy them – soon).  Soon, we’ll offer classes and tips to improve your productions.  We’ll provide computers to edit your videos down to even more entertaining programs.  We’ll teach you basic video editing.  It’s not that hard – if you can edit text using a word processor, you can make simple video edits, add titles, music, stills, etc.  SCTV is working with the Salisbury Elementary School PTA.  They are eager to support the communications process.  Work through them if you have an idea or question, or approach us directly: