SCTV Celebrations Message Agreement Text

The text below  is the agreement we require of individuals or organizations who wish to sponsor Celebrations Messages on SCTV.  The slides will feature an image and text message submitted by you, "the sponsor," and posted on the electronic bulletin board on SCTV channels and on the SCTV Facebook page.   The ability to create and post these is based on similar standards adopted for video programs by community media centers around the U.S.  As with video programs, we cannot censor or change your message, so we need you to take legal responsibility for what we post.  We ask you to act in good faith.  Please read below, then fill out and submit the SCTV Celebrations Message Agreement Form. The form is based on your unique email address for your formal electronic acceptance of the agreement.  Fill it in and submit.

As the sponsor, I state that am responsible for the text and photographic content submitted, and that its purpose is to celebrate a person, organization, or event in our community.   Further, I hereby accept full responsibility for the contentI hold harmless and indemnify SCTV,, and the Town of Salisbury from any and all liability of any type that may result from my messaging and its telecast on SCTV or hosting on our online media.  The provisions of this agreement are declared to be separate and severable. Any waiver of this agreement shall not waive the same or any other provision of this document. 

The photographic material and text that I submit for cablecast and posting will not contain any of the following: 

I agree to grant to SCTV non-exclusive unlimited rights to cablecast on cable channels administered by SCTV any message I submit. This right may extend to streaming over other on-line media such as the SCTV Website, YouTube and/or Facebook.  SCTV may retain the media I submit or copies thereof. I understand that SCTV is not responsible for loss of or damage to any such media I submit.

I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SCTV, Comcast Communications, Breezeline Communications, the Town of Salisbury, and their respective directors, officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all claims or other injury (including reasonable cost of defending claims or litigation) arising from or in connection with claims of loss or damage to person or property arising out of the failure to comply with the SCTV policies and procedures, any applicable laws, rules, regulations, or other requirements of local, state, or federal authorities, for claims of libel, slander, invasion of privacy, personal injury, or infringement of common law or statutory copyright, for breach of contract or other injury or damage in law or equity which claims result from the use of SCTV channel space, facilities, equipment, or other resources.

I agree that I shall not represent myself or any other person involved in public, educational, or government access programming activities as an employee, representative, or agent of SCTV.

In my use of SCTV channels, equipment, facilities, or resources, I agree to comply with all applicable rules and regulations of federal, state, or local governments and all other regulatory agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission.

This agreement is non-transferable.