SCTV's Mission



The Salisbury Community TV & Media Center is our town's public, educational, and government (PEG) access organization.  Although we are a separate entity, SCTV operates out of the renovated second floor of  Salisbury Town Hall.  We are currently televising meetings and hearings of several Salisbury town boards and commissions in Town Hall.  At this time, our facility consists of the TV control room adjacent to the Colchester Auditorium. From here, we transmit live and recorded coverage using remote-controlled video cameras, digital recorders, and computer graphics.  We are also airing programs produced by Triton Regional School District, DVDs supplied by Salisbury residents, and a Community Bulletin Board.


The Salisbury Community TV & Media Center was incorporated as a non-profit educational organization in 2007 after the Town negotiated a new ten-year cable television franchise agreement with Comcast, Inc.  A separate Town contract turns over all local public, educational, and government access production and programming to the community board.  We expect that public access and educational programming will grow along with SCTV’s Facilities and Equipment.  It's all a matter of community participation. Come help us grow.