Produce & Volunteer

Volunteer for SCTV

Like most public, educational, and government (PEG) access centers, SCTV is powered almost entirely by volunteers.  


We encourage volunteer members to conceive and execute their own TV programs. 


We also seek volunteers to learn our equipment in Town Hall and help televise various Town board and commission meetings and hearings.   SCTV also operates production equipment in the Community Meeting Room of the Salisbury Public Library.  For this, we will offer individual instruction (or in very small groups). To sign up, ask questions, or talk about your interests, call SCTMC at (978) 747-7288 or email  Please visit our Classes page to see information on specific instruction.

To volunteer, produce, or share programs with SCTV, you must join SCTV first.  It's free, and it only takes a minute.  Click here to join SCTV.)

Facilities and Equipment

SCTV has different kinds of equipment in several facilities.  For some programs, like those needing portable field production, you may learn to use one type of camera, camcorder, etc.  In other cases, you may learn to use multi-camera system such as those in Colchester Auditorium, the Community Meeting Room of the Salisbury Public Library, or the SCTV mobile production van.  In many cases, SCTV can provide the technical direction while you concentrate on the people and the show content.  In any case, unless you are helping us with one of our programs, the program you create will be owned by you.  SCTV can support your effort with equipment, training, and technical support, but the program is your creative and legal responsibility.  If you wish to create or share a program for SCTV, please contact our staff through the "Contact Us" menu bar above.  Please click one of the links above complete the Independent Producer Agreement, either online or by printing, signing, and sending.    

Produce, Share, or Import Programs for SCTV

SCTV encourages members to produce or share their own shows for our channels and for Video on Demand over the Internet.  We will assist you to produce your show with our equipment, but we also encourage you to share your own videos made with your smartphones or other equipment! As an SCTV member, you may also import shows if you sign the Producer Agreement and the actual producer signs the Completed Program Release Form (both below). 

For all agreements and forms, you have a choice:  you can either complete them online, or you can print out the forms, sign them, and bring/send them in.  Below are some links:

ONLINE Agreement Text and Forms:

Producer Agreement Text and Form for PRINTING AND SIGNING

You may take regular classes, but the preferred route is a  customized instruction program depending on your goals and experience. (Click above for more info.)