How to Create and Submit a Bulletin

Below are several choices of programs you can use to create and submit slides for SCTV's bulletin board.

Best Application Choice: Google Slides

  • Google Slides may be best choice to create a slide because you don't need a paid Microsoft program. And composing the slide can be done in any Web browser. But you do need a (free) Gmail account.

  • For best results, start by opening our Google Slides Template with built-in instructions.

  • Click "File/Make a Copy." When the file name appears at the top, modify the text to give the copy your own name.

  • Scroll down to choose the slide template for Google Slides if you are using that app.

  • Follow the directions to modify our template and substitute in your own content, or just start from scratch by clicking "Slide/New Slide." Be creative, but do not use fonts that are too small. Although the format is 16:9 HD, they are still cablecast in standard definition, i.e., not very detailed on a TV screen. Make sure you delete all of our old text.

  • After you have composed your slide, click "File/Download" and choose "JPEG image (.jpg, current slide)." Give it a new name that allows US to know this is YOUR slide.

  • After you download the .JPG file, the text and images are locked; SCTV cannot make changes.

  • "Email/attach the .jpg file to

Good Choice: MS PowerPoint or MS Publisher

  • MS PowerPoint and Publisher are simple, effective ways to compose text and pictures -- IF you already have one of those programs.

  • Click either of the links below to download SCTV's bulletin board template with built-in instructions. Powerpoint Template Publisher Template

  • After you open a PowerPoint or Publisher template, click "save as" and type in your own file name to save to your local computer. (It should contain something to help us identify it as one of YOUR slides.)

  • Replace our text and pictures with your own. Be sure to delete the text in the margins.

  • When you are done, click "save as" again, but now choose the "JPEG image (.jpg, single slide) file type.

  • After you "save as" the JPEG file, the text and images are locked; SCTV cannot make changes.

  • Email (attach) the .jpg file -- not the PowerPoint or Publisher file -- to

Other Applications for Creating JPEG Images (free).