SCTV Raises over $20,000 for Boys and Girls Club

Raffle event raises $10,000, then former Club member Bill Perocchi matches that amount

Gavin Marengi performs outside Uncle Eddie's. Videos of event coming soon.

SCTV Board and Staff: George Burtch, John Housianitis, Lance Wisniewski, Tabitha Beebe, Chris Donnellan, Gil Medeiros, John Schillizzi, Katie Beal, Terry Marengi (Justin Laing was performing inside).

SCTV Video Coverage of 7-18-2022 Board of Selectmen Meeting

The meeting was unusually long, fully attended, and sometimes full of emotion. Several items were started, stopped, and then resumed because of published times to conduct a public hearing. SCTV always makes the Board of Selectmen meeting videos available in several formats. We cablecast on Channel 12 and post the full recording of the meeting from beginning to end through our Video on Demand service. We also divide up some parts of the meeting into segments or excerpts so the public can view items of their choosing without playing through the entire meeting. In the case of this meeting, we combined several segments that began, were interrupted, and then continued later in the meeting. By making both the full meeting plus some individual items available to all viewers as excerpts, SCTV believes it provides both full transparency and a value-added service to the Salisbury public.

In the case of this full meeting video recording, we have added another valuable feature to its playback on our Video on Demand service. It’s called “chaptering,” and it adds a window on the VoD player screen with chapter titles or descriptions of each item during the meeting. Simply scroll and click on any chapter title, and the player will skip to that portion of the video and begin playing there. It’s a very useful service, especially for meetings such as this.

To watch any video, scroll down on SCTV’s homepage below to “Recent Meetings, News, and Events in Salisbury” and select either the full meeting or one of the excerpts for playback on your own computer or smartphone. Please share your comments to and like us on Facebook @SCTVMC.

Recent Meetings, News, and Events in Salisbury

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SCTV LIVE Broadway Beach Cam

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