School Committee votes 7-2. See procedures and services provided.

Mindy Morrison explains the process and the schedule. (Click here for web details.)

Town Meeting Warrant Articles

Other than the warrant for Salisbury Beach Resident Parking Permits, the most informative discussions about the articles may be at the 10/8 meeting. Clicking on the links for the two meetings on left will bring you to an SCTV video player that includes the final warrant article text and a feature called "Chaptering" where you can click on the topic name and immediately play the video discussion of that article. Also below are more detailed discussions of the parking proposal. CAUTION: BETWEEN OCTOBER 8TH AND 13TH, THE TOWN DROPPED AND ADDED ARTICLES, CHANGING MANY ARTICLE NUMBERS. Select "chapters" by the topic name and not by number.

Petitioner and other residents discuss. Board votes.

Burtch interviews Housianitis for Around Town

On the Ballot: State Rep. & Ranked Voting

To view SCTV page of links to information on Ranked Choice Voting, click HERE.

on Salisbury Speaks

with Chuck Takesian

on Salisbury Speaks

Recent Meetings, News, and Events in Salisbury

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SCTV LIVE Broadway Beach Cam

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