Salisbury Town Manager Neil Harrington will now run in the final special election for Salem Mayor on May 16. If he is elected, he would take office the next day and resign as Salisbury Town Manager. 

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SCTV Revises Proposed Pavilion Location

Moving location closer to Elm Street ensures better views to and from veterans' monuments

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View from Town Common north point

View from Town Common monuments

View from Town Common Elm Street

Report on programming, facilities, finances and proposed new structure on Town Common

View plans for proposed Pavilion here.

Tickets for the Book 2 raffle can be purchased from SCTV Board of Directors.  You can contact them through their Facebook pages, listed below:

Katie Beal  Tabitha Beebe  Marianne Cyr  CJ Fitzwater  John Housianitis Keith Martin  Gilbert Medeiros  Terry Marengi  Dan Welch

Sponsor an SCTV Celebrations Message to a Loved One, Friend, or Colleague

Thanks to Board Member Tabitha Beebe, our top local talent. She came up with yet another great idea and starred in the promo.

See the options for layouts, and find out how to upload your own photo and customize the message.

Recent Meetings, News, and Events in Salisbury

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SCTV LIVE Broadway Beach Cam

We recently upgraded our camera and the network connection to it.   We are still working out some bugs. Until they're fixed, we try to check and refresh our link to YouTube.  If it stops, YouTube will display an earlier YouTube recording on our page. When it's restored, you may still see the old one in your browser.  You may be able to fix that on your device (see below). 

If this still does not work, please email

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