Recent Meetings, News, and Events in Salisbury

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SCTV LIVE Broadway Beach Cam

Because of network issues, the Beach Cam may not be streaming all the time. Please send us a message at to let us know if it is not on.

Salisbury Community TV & Media Center, Inc. is the independent non-profit (501-c-3) membership organization that provides “PEG” (public/educational/government) access TV services to the Town of Salisbury. Please surf through our website and check our Facebook page for more info. Local media is the bedrock of our democracy, and it is under threat. Make it yours. Get involved.

SCTV Election Coverage

SCTV Brief Recorded Messages.

SCTV will record a brief message by each candidate, directly to the camera, of 3 minutes or less. Candidates can use our teleprompter to read the message. They may also do so from notes or speak from memory.

Additional Video Content.

SCTV will accept and televise a candidate's video programming for cablecast on our channels and our video on demand service subject to certain rules to ensure fairness and equal opportunity. Upon reception of a video in support of a candidate, SCTV will notify the other candidates and extend an invitation to submit their own video. If the candidate wishes, SCTV will provide the staff and technology to record their own video with the clear understanding that the message content and authorship belongs to the candidate and that SCTV will offer basic switching, recording and editing assistance only.

To read more information on the legal agreements and philosophies behind these policies, go here.