Watch the three Democratic Party candidates running for the U.S House of Representatives 6th Massachusetts District debate. The primary election will be held on August 1. The debate will be carried on SCTV Channel 18 only. (The Salisbury Conservation Commission will be carried on SCTV Channel 18 and livestreamed on our Facebook page. )

COVID-19 Comparisons

What are the prospects for Salisbury and the Commonwealth in combating COVID-19? Why do some states and countries have so many more cases than others? Click the slideshow above to read at your own pace.

Reopening of Schools: Triton Family Survey

A survey has been created and the District is asking families to provide a response for each child in your household. This survey contains detailed questions and information, so please take some time to read the information and questions carefully and provide us with answers to all questions so our planning can be well informed.

Recent Meetings, News, and Events in Salisbury

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SCTV LIVE Broadway Cam

Click to watch beach. How many are wearing masks?

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