1. Spokesperson AGAINST the Triton/Salisbury Budget Override
The SCTV/SBBA Candidates' Night will be held on Thursday, April 26 at 7 PM in Colchester Auditorium in Salisbury Town Hall.  At the opening of the event, we offer four minutes each for one proponent and one opponent of the budget override to make a statement on behalf of his or her viewpoint.  The proponents of the override are well-organized through the "We are Triton" group in all three communities.  But SCTV is having more difficulty finding a representative to speak against the override vote that will be conducted at both the Town Election on May 8 and the Town Meeting on May 14.  If you are willing to come forward to speak on behalf of your position, please exercise your democratic right to free speech and active participation.  Click HERE to submit your name.

2. Questions for the Selectmen Candidates
The three candidates running for two seats on the Salisbury Board of Selectmen will debate on Thursday, April 26 at 7 PM in Colchester Auditorium/Salisbury Town Hall. The primary round of questions will come from SCTV, the SBBA and moderator Richard Lodge, Editor of the Newburyport Daily News.  They seek your suggestions.  What do you want to ask the next leaders of our town?  Click HERE to submit questions for consideration.  The candidates will also answer a final round of questions submitted by audience members that evening.

Salisbury planners blamed for restrictions


Watch statements by Candidates for Salisbury Board of Selectmen

Watch important videos on the proposed Triton and Salisbury budgets
for Town Meeting and Town Elections (below).

Watch Videos of Recent Salisbury Events
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