Create a Bulletin

How to Create and Submit a Bulletin to SCTV

Who may submit? What content is eligible?

  • Slides may be submitted by Town of Salisbury departments and committees or non-profit organizations in the area.

  • Bulletin Board slides may highlight important government information or community-wide, non-commercial events.

  • Slides should not include prices or costs of admission, donations, entry fees, etc., even for non-profit events.

  • Slides should be of specific interest to residents and viewers in the Salisbury area.

  • The slides should refer to specific events or services, usually with an end date, not generic items such as office hours or organizational promotion. Generally, slides will be terminated after 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Email (attach) qualified bulletins to

What is the format for SCTV bulletin board slides?

  • Slides should be either .jpg image files or .png image with a 16:9 landscape aspect ratio. Those are generally 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.

  • SCTV's equipment will scale any 16:9 landscape .jpg or .png image to the correct size needed.

  • SCTV and most PEG access channels still actually cablecast on the channels in standard definition. Small fonts cannot be read on many TVs.

  • If your content and images will not fit comfortably on one 1920 x 1080 slide with large enough font, submit it in two or more slides.

  • Please do not just submit just text and expect SCTV to convert it to a slide.

  • For instructions on how to create a .jpg or .png slide, click HERE.

How do I submit a bulletin board slide to SCTV?

Attach the .jpg or .png slide to an email and send to Do not paste in text box.

Create slides directly in SCTV's on-line Carousel software

This method is designed for regular users of the bulletin board such as Town Departments and non-profit organizations with frequent messages. If this applies to you, please email, and we will set you up with a password and provide instruction.