SCTV passes along this post from Brian Forget, Superintendent of the Triton Regional School District.

Good Morning,

I am writing with a brief update after last night's School Committee meeting. More discussion will follow and a final vote on the plan will occur this Wednesday night, including further details about the decisions made this evening.

However, I did want to confirm that the School Committee confirmed last evening that our first day for students will be on Wednesday, September 16th, and we will be opening in a Fully Remote model. In making that decision, they confirmed that we will have a review and reconsideration every 4 weeks or so, looking to transition to a Hybrid model as soon as feasible, and not an indefinite plan to stay in fully remote. I will be proposing a schedule of transition dates every 4 weeks or so, along with a decision point approximately 2 weeks prior to each date to allow for planning as part of the final plan tomorrow evening.

For those interested in watching the discussion, the meeting should be posted on the Committee YouTube channel at by this afternoon at the latest.

I will be sharing a full updated plan, including the Executive Summary that outlines all details of the plan and calendar this Thursday, August 13th following the final approval by the School Committee tomorrow, August 12th at 7:00 PM.

Thank you,