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Video On Demand Help

>> BIG Changes to SCTV Video on Demand

As of 7/15/2016, both the underlying technology and the user interface for SCTV's VoD have been upgraded.

Devices and Video Formats

SCTVMC has made a major improvement to our Video On Demand Service. In addition to your PCs and Macs, you can now stream videos to iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Tablets (Nexus, Samsung, Kindle Fire, etc.), Chromebooks, and more. You can even stream to your TV with a Google Chromecast Dongle. Try it!

Starting 11/22/2013, all videos that become available for On Demand Viewing are being formatted for optimum viewing on many devices. If you are used to using watching videos on your PC or Mac, it might work a little differently than the way you are used to. There are now two ways to start the video - click on the "(View)" hyperlink, which opens up a new video player window. Also, you can click on the actual Video Title. This will bring up a smaller video window on the web page. If you are having trouble, try both ways. Still having trouble? Try installing the free Windows Media Player from Microsoft - for your version of Windows. Still having problems? Contacts us via Feedback  or email -

Please note, Videos released prior to 11/22/2013 are in a format that might not work for all devices. In some cases the device might start to download the video. If it does that you will want to cancel the download if you can and avoid using that device for videos prior to 11/22/2013, temporarily. We are busy converting the older videos to the new format so eventually all videos will behave the same way and work for all the devices mentioned. We will let you know when we have completed. Thanks for your patience during this transition period.

Channel Schedules
You can see past and future schedules for both of our channels by clicking the links below.
You can also search for any show in the schedule to see when it was or might be cablecast next.
You can also search for the show to access it through Video on Demand over the Internet to your own computer, tablet, or smartphone from this same user interface.