Salisbury Places in Time

Salisbury Places in Time is a project of SCTV that has received partial funding from the Salisbury Cultural Council.  The goal is to feature many places in Salisbury that figured in our history and briefly explain why it was so important.  We want to do this with one person for each location. Each video is intended to last from one to three minutes.  We will run the finished videos on SCTV channel 18, through our Video on Demand, and also locate them on an interactive map so that anyone with a Web browser or smart phone can visit each place and watch that video.
The videos now below are "rough cuts."  They are first pass edits to see how well they work and so we can gather comments and refine them.
They are also designed to show potential participants examples of what can be done.  Please watch a few of them and imagine how you might organize remarks about a single place from Salisbury's history.  Contact us if you are interested, or just suggest places we should include and the names of individuals who might be good to talk about them.  We welcome your input.

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