Underwriting Guidelines

SCTV will work with you to prepare your underwriting announcement to suit your marketing and public relation needs, while complying with FCC regulations. These regulations protect the integrity of program content so that SCTV viewers will comfortably identify the underwriter with high quality, local programming that is free from undue underwriter influence.
The announcement may include the following elements, depending on space and costs:

  • Underwriter's business or organization name or that of the subsidiary, legal DBA, operating division, or parent company
  • Location of business or organization
  • Business hours of operation
  • Business phone number, email address, and/or website address
  • A value-neutral description of the business or organization
  • Trade names and marks, products or services that identify the underwriter
  • An established non-promotional corporate slogan
  • Limited visuals
  • Background music (cleared for rights)

Announcements may not include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language, calls to action, pricing information, solicitations, fundraising messages, or inducements to buy or sell.

Sample Underwriting Video

Underwriting Options

Price Schedule