Become an SCTV Underwriter

Benefit your business or organization while supporting SCTV. Benefits include...

  • Attractive publicity at affordable costs.
  • Exposure on a local level where your customers live.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Gain recognition as a community benefactor.
  • Provide a service to the citizens of Salisbury by bringing coverage of the Town and its events into their homes.
Choose an underwriting package with either a 10- or 20-second spot that best meets your budget and needs:
  • Your 10-second spot will be a full-page graphic supplied by your organization and combined by SCTV staff with additional text and voice-over.
  • Your 20-second spot will be a video that showcases your organization using a combination of sync-sound video footage, graphics, and voice-overs.
Create your own spot or engage the services of SCTV staff to produce a spot that targets your specific needs and demographics and needs.  See Price Schedule and other information below.

Sample Underwriting Video

Underwriting Options

Price Schedule

Underwriting Guidelines