DVD Request Form

Upon request here, SCTV will make DVDs of programs that we produce, such as Town of Salisbury board and commission meetings. However, we have initiated a service over the Internet so viewers can easily see programs directly on their own computers at any time. It is called SCTV Video on Demand (VoD), and it can be accessed from our Web site above under Watch/Video on Demand. This is the most convenient way to see our programs, and we are trying to move non-broadcast viewership in this direction. If you really need a DVD copy, please fill out the request form below and click “submit.” Fees Since implementing the VoD service, we have increased the prices for DVDs as follows: For Video Content Under 2 hours in Length…..$20.00. For Video Content Over 2 hours in Length….…$25.00. These prices pertain only to programs that SCTV has produced, and they apply to the programs “as recorded” or “as televised.” In other words, we cannot do special editing of the content without additional fees. SCTV will get in touch with any questions we may have or with information about your completed DVD. Please allow up to one week for completion. The DVD must be picked up in Town Hall. SCTV will not mail or deliver the disks. Please be sure to provide all pertinent information below regarding the programming you are requesting to ensure that we are able to provide you with the correct content.