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Cable TV Hearing

Monday, March 13, 7:30 PM  Town Hall Colchester Auditorium

The future of community media is at stake.  Please attend and speak up.

As the Town prepares to renegotiate a new 10-year agreement for cable service with Comcast, the only issue where Salisbury has any real voice is how to support local public, educational, and government access TV & media.  Since 2007, that has been SCTV, the independent non-profit organization working to provide transparency in government by televising meetings, encouraging citizen productions, supporting educational programming, and improving technology in the service of democracy. Monday's public hearing will be one of the few opportunities you have to express your opinion.

We seek your support to share a small portion of Comcast’s very large revenues as encouraged by state and federal law to fund and even expand SCTV’s services.  Help convince Comcast to support the kind of small TV studio that is enjoyed in many other communities.  Help build a home for independent productions by Salisbury residents, students, and non-profit organizations.  Please come to the hearing and speak up.  And respond to the Online Survey below of Comcast subscriber satisfaction and the future of community media in Salisbury.

Watch Videos that explain the process below.
 Franchise Renewal
Leadership Meeting
 Franchise Renewal Leadership Meeting Summary Discuss Ascertainment Hearing on Comcast License Renewal at
2-27-2017 Board of Selectmen