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Membership & Organization


Anyone living, working, or going to school in Salisbury is invited to become a member of SCTV.  You may join as an individual, a family, or through a group.  Membership allows you to take classes in television production, use our equipment to make programs for our channels, and vote for seats on the Board of Directors. All Memberships are FREE and last a lifetime. Click here to sign up now!


Like most public, educational, and government (PEG) access centers, SCTV will be powered almost entirely by volunteers.  We have portable video production equipment, a small van with a portable TV control room, and permanent facilities in Town Hall and the Salisbury Public Library.  We seek people to learn our equipment help televise various town board and commission meetings and hearings plus cultural events in the new library.  For this, we will offer individual instruction (or in very small groups).  To sign up, ask questions, or talk about your interests, call SCTVMC at (978) 747-7288 or emailSCTVMC@gmail.com